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Vitamin A refers to different but related nutrients that can be divided up into two main categories which are Retinoids (Vitamin A Retinol) and Carotenoids including Beta Carotene. The stability and color consistency are very important factors for modern day formulations. Spray drying and microencapsulation techniques have greatly improved the stability of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and plays an important role in the development of healthy vision, immune system health, brain function and cell growth. It also fights inflammation in the body through damaging free radicals. PAT Vitamins provides the most diverse product line with the highest levels of inventory, while delivering on both quality and price.

  • Vitamin A Acetate Granular 325,000 IU/G CWD (Microencapsulated)

  • Vitamin A Acetate Granular 500,000 IU/G CWD (Microencapsulated)

  • Vitamin A Acetate Oil 2.0 Million IU/G

  • Vitamin A Palmitate Oil 1.7 Million IU/G

  • Vitamin A Palmitate SD Powder 250,000 IU/G CWD

  • Vitamin A Palmitate SD Powder 500,000 IU/G CWD

  • Beta Carotene Pure (Synthetic/Natural)

  • Beta Carotene 1 % SD Powder CWD (Synthetic/Natural)

  • Beta Carotene 10 % Beadlet without Gelatin CWD (Synthetic/Natural)

  • Beta Carotene 20 % Beadlet (Tablet Grade & CWD) (Synthetic/Natural)

  • Beta Carotene 30 % Oil Suspension (Synthetic/Natural)

  • Lutein 5 % and 10 % Beadlet (Tablet Grade) (CWD)

  • Lutein 5 % and 10 % SD Powder CWD

  • Lutein 20 % Oil Suspension

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