• PAT Vitamins, Inc.

IFT 2020

PAT Vitamins regrets to inform our customers that we will not be exhibiting at IFT2020 this year. PAT Vitamins cares strongly about the safety of their employees and the nutritional, food and beverage industries.

In China, the coronavirus out broke in Wuhan, Hubei in early December 2019. The Government has taken extreme measures to lock down all the cities in Hubei province with more than 50 million people. They are taking drastic measures never seen before. In the last several weeks several tragedies have occurred such as cruise outbreak and alarming reports came in from Iran, Italy, And South Korea and now the potential public health threat posed by COVID-19 is high both globally and in the U.S. We can conclude that this Coronavirus can be easily transmitted from human to human. We all need to take precautions and prepare for a possible pandemic.

PAT Vitamins will continue exhibiting at supply side west as scheduled.

Our company is wishing good health and hoping for best possible outcome from this situation.